Climate and YOU

Reflections on Living in a Climate and Ecological Crisis

Episodes in Order

Consider listening to my episodes in order, as I develop concepts over time.

1 – Climate and You: Introduction to the Podcast

2 – Prolonged Emergency Mode Versus a Wartime Mindset

3 – Facing the Truth and the Practice of Bearing Witness

4 – Three Kinds of Hope

5 – Don’t Take Climate Action Unless You Really Want To

6 – Forgetting Climate in the Middle of Other Major Crises

7 – Gratitude for the Climate Crisis as Terminal Prognosis

8 – We Can Fix This: Waking Up from the Trance of Adulthood

9 – We’re Not Destroying the Earth, We’re Destroying Ourselves

10 – The Middle Way: Recipe for Sanity and Effective Action

11 – My Upcoming Climate Action: Doesn’t Civil Disobedience Just Piss People Off?

12 – The Coal Baron Blockade: My Story of Participating in a Nonviolent Direct Action

13 – Is a “Crazy” Response an Appropriate Response to Climate Insanity?

14 – How Everything is Okay at the Same Time Everything is NOT Okay

15 – The Self-Immolation of Wynn Bruce and the Question of Personal Sacrifice

16 – Waking Up to Our Anthropotragedy

17 – The Best Climate Action: Get Together with Friends!

18 – The Climate Movement Is Failing Miserably

19 – Imagination as an Antidote to Despair

20 – Liberation from the Trap of Green Consumerism

21 – Climate Timeline: A Crisis That Didn’t Need to Happen

22 – Book Review: Margaret Klein Salamon’s “Facing the Climate Emergency”

23 – Book Review: Kimmerer’s “Braiding Sweetgrass” Re-envisions Our Relationship with Nature

24 – Book Review: Katherine Hayhoe’s “Saving Us” – A Case for Hope and Healing

25 – Living in Terrifying but Exciting Times

26 – The Trauma of No Longer Being Able to Depend on Nature

27 – Are We Powerless?

28 – The Tragedy of Climate Injustice

29 – Getting Active Again




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